Saturday, 4 February 2012

All's Fair in Love and Charity Shops

Sorry for today's grainy image that's been nicked from the Internet.  I'd be taking my own picture but my camera's gone missing in the move along with a set of keys, half my clothes and my lovely Devonmoor teapot.  Still I'm nonchalantly expecting them to emerge from the moving day rubble over the weekend.

I love these common and garden Chinese rice bowls for eating my morning muesli.  They are just the right portion size.  But my collection has dwindled over the years, thanks to klutz like tendencies, to just one.  So, I was pleased to find a set of five in a charity shop in Bath, scooped them up quickly and went to stand in the queue behind a posh man.

'I'd like those Chinese bowls' he said in a loud fruity voice not dissimilar to the kind used by actors with a minor role in a 'Jeeves and Wooster' episode   Then 'Where the devil have they gone!'  He spotted me with my booty and left the shop in a huff!

Now Kay, being a nice lady, said I should that have offered them to him but my inner mean spirited, sharp elbowed bargain hunter refused to budge.  I reckon God looked down from above, tutted and arranged for one of them to get broken in the move - just to serve me right.  But then he relented.  For at the recycling centre amongst the bric-a-brac was an identical replacement priced at a very reasonable 20p!


  1. What a story of chance and coincidence! That posh chap should have picked the bowls up if he wanted to buy them! I say they were yours fair and square. And that the broken one was replaced is surely 'karma' even though I don't really believe in such things.

  2. The mistake was his, he should have picked up the bowls and taken them to the counter. Was he expecting the 'help' to fetch them for him perhaps?

  3. I hope you find your things. :)

  4. Was it beneath him to take them off the shelf? He must have thought it was waitress service!

  5. I agree with the others, if he wanted them he should have picked them. Did he think that he just goes to the checkout and expects someone else to gather the treasure for him? THat is not how it works at the thrift stores here in the US. You snooze you lose. I can't believe that you were told you should have offered them up to him. His loss.