Friday, 10 February 2012

Checking In!

Howdy guys!  What a week!.  I've even been too busy to post!  And I've used three exclamation marks in one paragraph.  Better stop now.......!

'So what have I been up to?' you may be asking Well here's the blow by blow account.  It occurs to me that this is like the blogging equivalent of a sick note which all those excuses for why I've been absent from cyberspace.

Monday: Work as usual but then I went to the school PTA AGM and joined the committee.  This is not an impulsive act I hasten to add but a pre-planned action to increase my volunteering and engagement in the local community.
Tuesday:  Meeting in Exeter which overran followed by a paperwork afternoon at home. Tuesday evening is cub night so is always fraught as it involves getting a hyped up eight year old to bed way past his usual turn in time.  Losing things is still a frequent occurrence at the moment.  My chequebook went walkabout only to re-emerge so I could write the overdue subscription cheque which I then forgot to take to the Scout Hut at turning out time!
Wednesday:  My inaccurately titled day off which I think involved sitting down with a cuppa once.  I've fended off the balliffs after opening a letter from the energy company as a previous tenant left without paying bills, took delivery of another beautiful wardrobe - this time for Louis' room and collected the contents of my old study.  Then it was the biggie of the week.  I took Louis for an appointment with an educational psychologist Christy Cruft who comes highly recommended by the Lovelygrey camp.   She has confirmed that my lovely, very bright son has specific learning differences (SpLD) which includes dyslexic/dyspraxic features. Yay! It accounts for his difficulties with writing, clumsiness, remembering instructions and concentrating.  Christy has suggested strategies that might help him overcome this so we'll be implementing an action plan, hopefully with his school's help, in the next few weeks.
Thursday:  Team meeting followed by running two workshops at an occupational therapy conference followed by conducting a memory assessment that went on past usual working hours. I deserved a relaxing evening at home but instead spent two and a half hours pouring endless cups of squash and water at the school disco.  It's not wonder that...
Friday:  ....the day has started with oversleeping!  Four people to visit at work and then it's back home to pack for my 'cheap' week of skiing.  Tomorrow I really will be checking in.  See you in Andorra tomorrow!


  1. Have a great time on your ski holiday - sounds like a change of scene and some mountain-air-and-exercise induced great sleeps will be just the ticket!

  2. Just catching up with your posts. Sorry to hear you've had such a tumultuous start to 2012. Best wishes for a bright future. I'm sure the skiing holiday will be just the ticket!!