Monday, 6 February 2012

Days Out in Somerset: Minehead Eye

Yesterday Louis and I had a break from relentless unpacking and treated ourselves to our monthly superb Sunday in Somerset.  We set off early-ish and saw our first snow of the season high on the hills bordering Exmoor.  Then we drove down, down down until we hit the coastal town of Minehead.

Now Mr Lovelygrey lived there as a teenager in an age where the local yooves had to resort to breaking into Butlins for entertainment.  It was that bad.  But now, thanks to lottery funding there's a brilliant new community resource, the Minehead Eye, a combination of indoor skate park, cafe, sound studios and general chill out zone. Lots of the activities available there are aimed at those older kids who's needs are often overlooked by society and who end up trolling around on street corners looking menacing instead.  But the building is used by all ages in the local community.  I see that there's a pensioner's lunch club and an art group who meet there.

Every Sunday morning a lanky bloke called Dan, who's according to Louis 'is even cooler than Daddy'  runs a skate school for little dudes under eleven.  For a mere fiver for non members, kids like Louis who are naff at team sports can learn to acquire a skill that will bolster their street cred in later years.  I watch from the windowed cafe where, as well as buying coffee I always end up coming away with some of the best secondhand book bargains in Christendom.  It's one of those places where I offer to pay more than the price quoted - they're that cheap!

And afterwards we make our longish drive even more worthwhile by  meeting up with  family for a slap up lunch before a drive back through the picturesque South Western countryside spanning two moors!

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  1. A very enjoyable break by the sound of it. Ice skating is such fun, I'm surprised you didn't have a go.