Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fancy Ablutions

Lou had his own idea of essential that I needed to buy when I moved into my home.  Never mind sheets, towels, a kettle and saucepans.  What every home needs according to an eight year old is a shiatsu massage chair and piping bags to create fancy effects on muffins!  In the last day or two he’s come up with something else and this time, for goodness sakes,  it needs plumbing in.

‘What is that Mummy?’ he said as he spied the bidet in our continental hotel.  Now I’m the kind of mum who likes to work their child’s brain so, ‘Have a guess’ was my reply.  ‘Is it for number ones and the toilet is for number twos?’ was his first try.  Okay, it is with shame that I admit in the past to accidentally using the posh bum wash incorrectly when nature has called in the night.  It was something to do with being slightly tipsy and  disorientated in strange lodgings when the lightbulb wasn’t working  in our holiday bathroom.   Louis’ next effort was that it was ‘A toilet for toddlers!’  When I told him the purpose for which a bidet was actually intended he showed alarming amounts of enthusiasm to give it a go, alone of course.  After all I am banished 90% of the time when ablutions are taking place these days. ‘That’s lovely!’ came the shout from the bathroom ‘We need one of these!’.


  1. A good enough reason to send him to plumbing school I think.