Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Of Mice and Men

Hi I'm back!  Let's start this post with a bit of culture seeing that I am, to a large degree, an Essex girl and we are known for our refinement.    Did you know that the saying 'The best laid schemes of mice and  men go often askew' are a translation of two lines from a Robbie Burns poem?  'The best laid schemes of mice an' men' doesn't tax my Southern brain too much but 'Gang aft agley'.....Well that certainly needed a bit of elucidation and transposition into posh Southern text!

Today's to do list was comprised of eight items of which only two got completed in full.   Mr BT came and set up my broadband and I went into Newton Abbot and got my town chores out of the way.  My sublist of errands there took a mighty four hours to get through so perhaps it was no wonder that other things I'd intended to knock on the head didn't get down.  Still looking through the rundown of my day,  I don't think I could be accused of lying around.

  • Up at 7am.  Sorted washing.  Put bin out
  • Cooked pancakes for Louis' breakfast in lieu of doing so on Shrove Tuesday, a cub scout night which is hectic enough without random festivities getting in the way.
  • Let in Mr BT.  Cleaned my 'new' secondhand cooker thoroughly whilst he was setting up TV and broadband.
  • Went into town where I paid in a cheque, bought fridge no:2 (don't ask!), collected a parcel, picked up a pre-payment token stick thingy  so that I'll still be supplied electricity until a run of the mill meter is installed, had a particularly fruitful time browsing charity shops, took back library book, visited three DIY stores and a plumber's merchant and topped up groceries.  Seemed to walk miles and now my knee is giving me gip.
  • Hoovered...lots in small batches.
  • Tidied the room that will eventually be my study once flatpack desk and shelves are reassembled.
  • Tried to get dishwasher operational.  Need one more thing to hold pipes together (or could I use duct tape????)
  • Completed reading for a project that I'm involved with at the University.  To balance all that intellectualism that I watched an episode of 'Snog, Marry, Avoid'.
  • ....and there's more but the land of Nod needs to be visited.
My obsession with ticking off everything that I envisage doing at the start of the day is diminishing in favour of a 'lets see what turns up' approach.  Sorting out council tax and water bills, yet more hoovering (upstairs) and catching up on work's paperwork has had to wait. It may be that this is a temporary adaptation that fits nicely with the chaos of house moving or it might represent a longer term change in my psyche.   I'll just have to wait and see.   

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