Sunday, 5 February 2012

Optimistically Gloomy

Some of us need chemical help so that our brain's function properly and, as long as my much valued antidepressant is working,  I'm one of the perkiest people alive.  But that doesn't mean that I view the future through rose tinted spectacles.  No sirree!  For although I'm a joyful human being I'm always open to the ideas that things might go tits up in a big way!

I've been very bad at keeping to my morning meditation sessions for a good few months but I'm hoping that will change once the dust has settled here and I've got round to trying my new Hoover to sweep it up(!) But the principles of mindfulness, staying in the moment,  having awareness and control over my thinking and accepting whatever life throws at me are now firmly embedded in my psyche and  hold me in good stead.  Here's a link to one of my past posts where I've elaborated on its personal benefits in a little more detail.

So I didn't predict that my house move would be blindingly awful but I wasn't expecting it to be fault free either.    So, when my fridge didn't fit, my 'bargain' Ebay cooker has turned out to be a pup, things have gone missing and Lou filled the bathroom with foam after using our whizzo jacuzzi bath in conjunction with half a bottle of Radox, they didn't come as a total surprise.  I hadn't created a perfect picture in my head of how things would be but I didn't predict  that this time of immense transition would be  all doom and gloom either!

On the plus side, may I share my beautiful new wardrobe!  It's must be from the Edwardian equivalent of IKEA as it comes apart into four manageable sections.  Even though my camera, and indeed the keys and teapot, reported as lost yesterday has now turned up, I'm being lazy and have just snipped the photo from its Ebay auction listing to show you.  I've coveted a similar one owned by a friend for years but now have my own at an absolute bargain price!


  1. Good to see your missing things turned up :)

  2. Loving that wardrobe and hope all the other stuff gets sorted soon for you.....

    Sorry to hear about your separation and hope all three of you can move on and find happiness.

  3. You will certainly look back and smile at the bubble-filled bathroom! The gorgeous wardrobe will be a real pleasure to look at for years to come - I'm definitely a fan of Edwardian Ikea!