Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stick to Sheep!

A recent bout of my old mate, insomnia, has set the brain's cogs in motion and caused me to think about a little known book from my childhood,. Ninety-nine Dragons, was bought for me when I was nine by Auntie Elsie, Uncle Stan and my three cousins who, by the way,. have done much better producing grandchildren for their parents than myself and my own siblings.  Seven to our paltry one!  But I digress....

... unlike Tinker and Tucker, whom Papa Lovelygrey  secretly sold as slaves, the dragons are not missing but are alive and well in Louis' bookshelf.  It's a lovely imaginative story with lovely black and white line drawings. I read it over and over again  and think that it deserves to be better known. And, as my own little man attests, it still appeals to a twenty first century audience.

So, if you're stumped for a present for a small primary school aged being, give it a try.  Although it's out of print, copies still come up for sale on Amazon.  I've included the link to the hardback version that I owned before handing it down to posterity, but there are paperbacks too.  This tale taught me a valuable lesson in life. For goodness sakes if the Sandman eludes you, don't experiment with counting fierce creatures.  It's best to stick to sheep!

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