Friday, 17 February 2012

Take a Piece of Paper

Today  I  started off by removing the myriad of bandages from my knee that the nurse at the piste-side medical centre put in place on Monday.   I needed to see whether my drive tomorrow to Barcelona was an absolute  possibility, mildly dangerous or really and truly pie in the sky.   And I'm happy to say that the  first option is the one with the tick next to it!   No more bathing with a leg in a plastic bag either.  My new knee brace is the biz.  There was even a moment's contemplation of making use of the excellent snow conditions here and donning skis for the last day of the holiday.  Thankfully, my eight year old was uncharacteristically sensible and forced me to  adopt the 'Better safe than sorry' mantra.

Anyway the unwrapping of my lower limb took about twenty minutes and revealed the many layers that had been deemed necessary to stop my joint blowing up to the size of a football.  This included what appeared to be enough toilet paper to fill the ladies lavvies at Wembley Stadium.  It got me thinking about the myriad of uses of this simple and abundant material (though not necessarily in its bum wiping form!).  The possibilities are almost endless.   A love letter,  a  To Do list, darts or pellets to throw at that  uninspiring teacher or a pointy hat to protect a balding head from the sun?    Or how about getting more techincal and creating a super duper piece of origami?  But here's someone who's taken the medium a breathtaking step on.  Anna Wili Highfield, whose work I first found on craftgawker sews paper together to create fragile covetable representations of bird and animal life that really look as if, with just one wave of a fairy wand, they would come alive.   Go and have a  look at her website for inspiration.  And if any of those craftinistas out there can knock me up the barn owl on her home page, I'll be eternally grateful.

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