Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thought for the Day: A Fine Use for Grit

If life throws you lemons make lemonade.  And if it's grit that gets kicked at you from  time to time why not chuck it at your inner oyster and make a pearl?

Here I am at the top of the mountain watching others ski.  Boo hoo!  I've  bitten the financial  bullet and paid for  individual lessons for Louis for the next three afternoons so will have to sell a bit of  vintage bling to recoup my costs once I'm home.

But do you know, armed with a happy disposition things ain't too bad.  I'm sitting in a cafe with a beautiful   vista and a chilled beer.  The pain in my leg is diminishing and tomorrow I'm off to Andorra la Vella to procure a splint for my leg that will help me lead a near normal life until the inevitable op.  Hello  Torbay Hospital -I'm coming back!  The past few nights I've been sleeping and eating well and have met some like minded outdoor souls. My mind is clear of bunkum and I have planned the direction that life might take over the next few months  - unless events dictate otherwise.  And, of course, Louis is having a ball making friends of all ages.  He seems to go down with teenagers especially well.

Before I fell and hurt my leg I was really enjoying skiing to the extent where the value of this activity to me has become apparent.  This will give me the impetus to get fit again and plan my spending so that I can still make an annual trip to the snow on my reduced single parent income.  It might mean a change in shopping habits or one or two less nights out but the important thing is to make my money work for me by using it for the absolute necessities and those things that really impact on our wellbeing.


  1. It is refreshing to see your positive attitude to getting fit and setting goals for your future. Well done. I hadn't realised that an operation was on the cards, I hope that recovery is smooth and fast.

  2. You have a great attitude, I dislike the 'poor me' vibes some folks get. A person might as well make the best of any situation. Looks like you're getting priorities set up. Good for you.