Sunday, 19 February 2012

The 'Umbrella'

I've chosen today's picture from Microsoft Clipart for Louis. If you're eight, having fancy adornments in a  luminous drink such as curly straws, weird shaped ice cubes and paper parasols is right up your street.  After all, today's post is about him

The report has arrived by email from Christy Cruft the educational psychologist who assessed Louis a week and a bit ago. As I already mentioned in a previous post his mixture of difficulties with writing, clumsiness, concentration,  slow acquisition of motor skills (three years to learn to swim!) and poor short term memory for everything that doesn't involve chocolate comes under the umbrella of a Specific  Learning Difficulty (SpLD).  Or that final 'D' can stand for Difference for those perky optimists out there like me.  Louis particular take has  dyspraxic and dyslexic features, which may surprise some as he loves reading and problem solving tasks with a visuo-spatial component.

So we now have lots of suggestions as to how to help him,not just by compensating for the things that he finds difficult but by helping him build on his strengths.  Christy's useful and positive report suggests that he has extra maths lessons, the subject that he loves the most!  This comes alongside suggestions for how to help him compensate for difficulties spelling and writing such as a phonetic dictionary, teaching him to touch type and use  a dictaphone to order his ideas.

A copy of the report has now wung its way to the school in time for the start of the new half term and hopefully will quell the scepticism that Mr Lovelygrey and I have encountered over the last couple of years when we've mentioned that we thought that our child had problems.   Fingers crossed that we'll get a positive helpful response and not have a fight on our hands!

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  1. We are so much more knowledgable (does that make sense?) regardging learning 'disabilities' now. I am sure the school and you will come up with some great solutions. My son-in-law is dyslexic and is also a reader.