Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sound,Vision and Sellafield

'Blue, Blue Electric Blue
Is the colour of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue'.

Ah! David Bowie, you are so cool, just like the colour that you've sung about purports to be.   Funnily enough though, I've accidentally fallen into adopting lots of blue colour schemes in my new home and it turns out they aren't as half chilly as you'd image them to be.

Today Lou and I spent time that befits a sunny day on the beach but we made a detour inland to Bovey Tracey to drop off   mail from the previous tenants to the letting agents. I wonder how many letters from bailiffs were in the stack?  Anyway whilst there we popped into the Devon Guild of Crafts   where the latest exhibition is entitled 'Blue'.  For those who like to follow the links here's another suitably themed tune from Eiffel 65 which provided the soundtrack on the car radio on my first trip to Yellowstone.

I'm not usually drawn to traditional ceramics but I was taken by this Royal Worcester platter by Paul Scott.  How many other willow pattern type plates have you seen with a picture of Sellafield nuclear power station.  There again the artist is Cumbrian and if you live up there you're bound to get fed up with all that breathtaking wilderness and yearn for a bit of industrialism. Lou and I were inspired to design our own plates  which we added to the wall displaying work by other competitors. Mine is the one with the Pisces theme and Lou's is the brooding design with clouds.  How blooming arty are we?  Lets hope that the judges appreciate our genius and award me the mug and Louis the craft kit that go to the best over and under 18 competitors!


  1. Good plates. I've come across Paul Scott before and loved his work. This weekend I was looking at some similar wares by Snowden Flood that I liked too. Hope your lovely plates win the competition.

  2. Ooh Jane! I've had a look at the Battersea plate by Snowden Flood andt that's ticketty boo too! x