Thursday, 15 March 2012

Catching Thoughts

The old noggin has been busier than usual. With the house move,  a change of job and the new routine that involves, Louis' SpLD diagnosis and the poorly leg it's not surprising.   A while back I thought I'd loosen the leash that is my 'To Do' list but life goes a bit tits up without comprehensively noting down things to tick off.   Now I'm reigning in those mutts that are my ideas, deadlines and just everyday chores that need doing even more strictly than before.

So why is there a tied up stick man, rather than a dog, illustrating this post you may well ask? Well I'm being liberal with my use of metaphor.  Also one of my friends on Facebook posted about a site called that looks really cool.  I'd like to try it - but not know.  In a mo Louis will arrive for his breakfast, there's homework to supervise and a snack to prepare.  I can't go to work naked bar a dressing gown, there's this post to finish and a washload to hang out.  Oh! and a friend is coming to tea tonight so I need to sort out what we're going to eat.....but I want to catch the thought that I'd like to create my own little person, so I'm adding him to my 'To Do' list of ideas before he gets forgotten and never created - boo hoo!

Let's start with my less hi-tech trapping devices.   Here's a recent charity shop purchase that now lives in the lounge - a little box with drawers contain note sized pieces of paper that can be refill with scrap cut to size once its contents have run out.  There's all manner of notebooks and post it pads in other rooms too but in the kitchen I've come up with another tool that's also nigh on as old as the hills......

My mini - blackboard complete with chalk - ideal for jotting down my shopping needs and anything else that takes my fancy.  Along with food stuffs at the moment, I'm also finding that there are 'essential' kitchen gadgets missing from my battery just when I'm halfway through a recipe!

Let's move on to the 1960s so I'm reliably informed.  For it was then that the whiteboard was invented.  This is mainly to hold my bigger ideas - those that would need multiple entries on that final 'To Do' list. Here we have all the things that needed to be done at work - in spider diagram form.  It's soon to be replaced by the things I need to do to relaunch my tiny Ebay business.

And finally we're up to date and move into the electronic area. I've been hunting for a replacement for the trusty 'Outlook To Do List' that was on my windows based phone and searched far and wide for something that I could use on my laptop too.   There's an  amazing array of stuff but I balked at paying money for the privilege of having something to helped me say to 'Remember the Milk' on multiple devices.

I've just discovered that Google is indeed my friend.  The 'To List' within GMail is just as powerful as the one I've been used to.  I can have multiple lists, set due dates and automatically set tasks to repeat.  Like shaving legs which, to his amazement, Mr Metrosexual discovered was actually an item in my 'Personal' list that is scheduled weekly   So now all is organised and with my newly trimmed silky pins I'm about to trot forwards into my future hyper-organised world!


  1. Take care - you have a lot on your plate right now - your head can only take so much.
    Isn't that blackboard a little cumbersome to take shopping with you ?

  2. I still resort to the old fashioned pen and paper to do list. stay calm, you will get it done!

  3. Have you actually thought about stepping back and having a moment of rest? Please don't over-do things.