Thursday, 8 March 2012

Days Out in Devon: Cockington Court

I nearly forgot to blog about this trip out that we made a weekend or so ago.  Time flies when you're enjoying yourself ...or not.  Today's been a pig of all days.  Not a cute little Babe-like piglet either but a great big Yorkshire bruiser that Yahoo has just told me is the biggest of all the breeds.

Anyway,  I've been hankering to visit Cockington Court, an olde worlde place in the heart of Torbay for sometime now to see its craft studios, ancient church and gardens.  And winter turned out to be a good place to go.   It's the type of place that would be groaning with grockles come the warmer summer months.  One of its attractive features  is that it costs now't to visit  and would have fitted nicely into my post about free places in South Devon  that I rustled up last year.  Beware the gent's toilets though.  Louis' friend Niall reported that they smelt worse than the Gorilla House at Paignton Zoo!

My friend Maire (that's pronounced Moira to all those non Irish souls out there) and I took our boys.  To keep them entertained we forked out a fiver for a Murder Mystery Treasure Trail set in the grounds.  Here they are in Cockington Church looking for clues to let them know which suspects to eliminate.  This was another smelly place, this time the aroma of damp pervaded the air. It wasn't so pungent to  detractv from the beauty of this ancient building.

The booklet is produced by a company called Treasure Trails  and a brief perusal of their website shows that they've produced millions and zillions of others for places all over the UK.    Well, okay I exaggerate - there's about five hundred - even one we could try when we visit Nana and Grandpa Lovelygrey in Southend-on-Sea next time.   Obviously  I'd prefer a trip out to be entirely free but when you compare the cost to  family admission charges to the majority of  attractions these represent good value in terms of money and the explorational fun to be had.


  1. Hope tomorrow is more Babe then Yorkshire bruiser. Cockington sounds worth a visit and the Murder Mystery Treasure Trail a dead cert for keeping small people entertained!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Hope that today goes better. I think March is a difficult month generally.. There's not enough nice stuff in it! All the best, Jan