Friday, 2 March 2012

Free Funky Fifties Sideboard Fiasco

Well the little Lovelygrey abode is now up and running and I'll be sharing some piccies of my new nest soon. I proud to say all but one piece of furniture has been sourced secondhand and I haven't made a trip to that big Scandinavian edifice so beloved of new homemakers.

I nearly, nearly got a free sideboard yesterday lunchtime.  It was outside a reclaimed furniture shop where I've bought a bookcase for Louis.  It'll need revamping sharpish as it's painted pink and purple and that will not do as far as an eight year old machismo lad goes.  But on the way in I spied a sideboard just like this one that I found on Ebay that was being bid for hotly when I started this post.  'How much is that sideboard outside' I asked the salesman.  'Oh you can have that for nothing. We can't sell them. 'Really?' I said 'I give you a tenner for it, at least.   'No, we'll bring it to you.  Just slip the delivery bloke a fiver or something'.

I skipped back to the car in as jaunty a way as my leg would allow.  Just as I was leaving a fellow with a pallet truck was moving my treasured free find with a sack trolley, back inside to keep it safe or so I thought.  However, just as I pulled up into the car park at work I got a call on my mobile.  It was the chap at the furniture store.

'Hi I've just gone out to get your sideboard and it's disappeared!'.  Plucked from my hands by a stealthy skip picking type. Peed off as  I was, I'm just hoping that it's an omen and another even more suitable one will land in my lap shortly.  Free of charge of course!

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  1. Yes, a better one will wing its way to you post haste.