Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Makeovers Required!

Funnily enough,  I didn't complete a creative project per se in February but I did turn a house into a home.  Does that count?
However not all my secondhand/recycled furniture purchases are entirely how I want them at the moment.  Many need a revamp so it's time to get out the sandpaper, paint and sewing machine and spruce them up so I'll treasure them for the rest of my days.

Take this chair for instance, one of two that goes with a melamine topped table that's taken pride of place in the crafting zone in the conservatory. Perfectly functional but decidedly lacklustre at the moment.   Come next week I guarantee the pair are going to be objects of desire for you shabby chicsters out there!

It may look as if I've been a busy and innovative and upcycled this pallet into a coffee table myself.  But hey, I cheated and bought it for a relative song on Ebay.  Funky shops have these priced, sometimes upwards of £200!  What it needs though is a big fat foam filled cushion on top so it doubles as a footstool.

Louis' Stompa bunkbed came at a bargain price of £99 and came complete with desk shelves.  This compares so favourably with the new retail price of around £850 that I danced a jig when I found it.  So what if the upholstery on the sleepover bed is ripped?   I'm pretty sure that by forking out less than £25 on fabric, I'll have a new looking piece of furniture that my son's going to be delighted with.

And my bed!   A bit too studenty at the moment with its lowdown but really good quality futon base. I'm getting too old to sleep so near to floor level so it could do with a set of legs.   I'm hankering too for a huge padded upholstered headboard which I'm sure that would be mine if a bedding store wrestled a significant number of spoodidoodilies away from me.  But armed with a remnant, some plywood, foam and a staple gun - who knows what I could create?


  1. Good luck with all your re-vamping - you're going to have a home to be proud of! So much more satisfying to glamorise things yourself, especially when it means you don't have to empty your wallet, bank account and abandon hope of leaving a nest egg for someone else.

  2. Go to it! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tackle all those jobs but they'll all make such a difference. Hope it's an enjoyable process too.

  3. I have found your blog via 'Dreaming of a Cottage by the Sea' and have become your latest follower. All the best, Jan

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your makeovers. Louis' bed was an absolute steal at that price, and he'll get a fabric he likes thanks to his handy Mum.