Saturday, 24 March 2012

Getting Stuck In

Us ex-urbanistas can move to the country and barely get to grips with what rural life is really about.   Okay we might buy our fashion wellies and bake the odd cake to enter into the village show but we don't really get properly stuck in on our modern housing estates on the edge of villages.

But today Louis and I visited my friend who lives on a  proper Dartmoor hill farm.  Katie had promised us 'lambs coming out of sheep's bottoms' for 'tis the season of new life.  Unfortunately the birthing experience passed us by but we did get to help out tending the livestock.   Here's Lou waiting to herd the sheep into the barn away from the peckish foxes who take a nibble from the youngsters if they stay out overnight.

Here you go.  I promised a few days ago that I'd try to be less camera shy so here I am biting the bullet.  This is me and Lou with  'No 5' who proved the most tricky to capture.  He was finally scooped up and joined us for a photoshoot,  complete with rustic old tractor, before being reunited with his mum in a pen full of his mates.

As well as feeding the sheep and cows Louis got to play a bit and discover the pleasures of climbing hay bales. It brought back memories of scrabbling in a barn when I went fruit picking at Tiptree,  the  Essex jam making capital, as a kid.  Nobby the spaniel joined in too. Lou's a bit wary of dogs because of their licky, jumpy tendencies but he made friends with this chap quite quickly.

Onto the reward for all that hard work.  A cream tea in the farmhouse and some eggs covered in the  poo of the flluffy white chickens from whence they came!  We had to collect them for ourselves though.    Louis provided the distraction by feeding the hens whilst I stole our half dozen from their homes.  Shameless! The astute will notice that there's one missing from the box which we donated to Mr Lovelygrey for tomorrow's breakfast.


  1. Looks like you had a good day out !
    I've had to downsize from a smallholding into a modern housing estate - and it's hard, hard, hard !!
    Still, I'm every optimistic, that one day I'll go back 'home' and am saving like mad to do it. I will probably have to rent this time though -
    Don't be so camera shy, you are a very attractive lady !!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day out. I love to see sheep being rounded up.

  3. You both seem to have enjoyed your outing, the air must have done you good.

    I don;t know why you are camera shy, nothing wrong with you m'dear.