Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Leopards, Spots and All That

I've been mulling over whether us humans, in our guise of metaphorical leopards, can change our spots.  Externally of course it's entirely possible to undergo an entire external makover as Gok Wan is often keen to demonstrate.  Incidentally,  did any other girlies out there decide, like Scary Secretary and me, that you fancied him after watching  'Made in China' programme on Channel 4 last week? Okay he may be a 'Chinese Homo' (his own description) but that body, his wonderful dress sense and his sense of humour did it for us.  We're sure all his affirmation about being gay are just a cover that lets a thoroughly straight man get away with grabbing women's boobs on TV.

The saying, though, refers to the inability for us to undergo inner transformation and I have to say that there are some rigid blighters out there.  But as a therapist, I have to hold dear the hope that change is possible and indeed I've seen it in myself.  In the last four years I've gone from being  over anxious and  self critical to a much more laid back individual.   I've accepted the idea that sometimes things don't always go to plan but I'm much more inclined to give things a try to see what happens.   Monumental cock ups do occasionally occur adopting this new approach but the rewards and opportunities far outweigh these.  So I urge others out there who could do with a psychological or emotional overhaul to take hold of the spotty big cat within and see if you can turn him stripey!

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