Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lit up Like the Blackpool Illuminations

Here's a question for all you parents out there.  How do you stop kids traipsing around the house leaving every light on without resorting to drastic measures?  Like turning the electrics off at the fuse box and giving everyone headtorches, removing all lightbulbs  or even using strait jackets on offspring to restrict their arm movement so they can't reach all those lovely tempting switches.

Louis is a particularly pesky culprit here.  Every morning I hear him wriggling out of his bunk bed and then click, click, click.  Every bulb on the top floor of the house comes alive until a grumpy Mama, who's not at her best first thing, hauls herself out of bed and extinguishes those in unoccupied rooms.  I've now given my son the choice.  Either we can spend money on illuminating the whole place or the money saved can be used to indulge our love of holidaying, sometimes to places where lighting displays far surpass those that can be achieved in a small semi on a housing estate in Devon!


  1. It's not just kids!! I got home form Pilates last night to find my husband had left lights on in the lounge and front bedroom - while he was holed up in the smallest room (with no lights on at all) because he was playing on his PS3. I was SO cross! All the best, Jx

  2. As I started reading I thought that you should give him a choice of what the money could be spent on, with the choice of the lighting or something nice for both of you - and then you did!