Friday, 16 March 2012

Lovelygrey's Little Luxuries

My move to singledom has made a big difference to my finances.   Most critically, until I find a home to buy, there's rent to be paid whereas before the joint mortgage was fully offset by savings.  Ouch!  it's  a biggie.  These first couple of months have been expensive ones buying everything I need to set up a home without resorting to raiding the former marital pile  and leaving it looking destitute.  After all, my son lives there with his Dad for half the week so it needs to still feel like home to him.

I've worked out that just over half of my income goes on bills leaving me with a reasonable sum over.  From April onwards I'm setting myself a daily budget.  This will leave me with a savings pot in case of a rainy day and money to pursue my usual travels in the UK, France and beyond.

Now for me, everyday spending is pretty much limited to food, petrol and all those things that bringing up a child involves.  Boy is he expensive even though he isn't over indulged!  Loads of those items of expenditure shown on budget planners just don't apply though.  My car is a  bargain lease from the NHS so the cost of that is debited directly from my salary and covers road tax, maintenance, breakdown cover, tyres and insurance.  Then there's other things that other people spend money on - haircuts, make up, interest repayments, pets, cigarettes, magazines and newspapers.  None of these apply.  I rarely eat out or even go for a coffee but I'm lucky enough to be able to afford to do so when the occasion arises if I avoid choosing the lobster or fillet steak with extra sauce from the menu.  I'm even keeping to my pledge to buy no more than one item of clothing a month.  Since January all I've bought is a pair of ski salopettes because my bottom was a little too big to fit into my old ones :{

So there'll be a little left over for those little luxuries to help me appreciate the fruits of my labour on
 a regular basis.  The squirt of perfume, a bottle of wine in the fridge and a bar of Green and Black's butterscotch chocolate in the cupboard.  They're all pretty conventional treats.  But my other?  The fortnightly trip to the car wash! Okay I could roll up my sleeves and get out the bucket -just like I used to.   But I hate the job and it often got delayed resulting in a filthy car which I loathe even more.  It's not green or thrifty but for me, that four pounds per fortnight, or just over a hundred pounds a year, is money well spent!


  1. I'm glad you are coping with 'singledom' - it's not easy at first - been there done that.
    I too won't give up the luxury of a fortnightly car wash - and I spend the same as you - £4.00
    I cut down on everything else and then some, snap up supermarket bargains, buy from boot sales and charity shops, cook in bulk, all the usual stuff, but the car wash has to stay.

  2. I have never taken my car to a car wash, maybe I am missing out and ought to. But the £100 per year puts me off ;O( Ugger, got the word verification wrong.