Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Luddite's Gym

I've been absent for a couple of days and, from my stats,  it looks like others have been staying away from their computers and making the most of the unseasonal hot weather.  It's not all been lounging around in the sunshine at Lovelygrey cottage.  I've been busy, busy, busy.

Forget the electrical gadgets.  Who needs a Flymo and a tumble drier.  With their manual equivalents I've had a full workout walking up and down the garden, lifting and carrying, bending and stretching and pushing and pulling.   Phew!  Who needs expensive health club membership.  Just replace it with grafting.  I've saved even more money than that spent on electricity too.  My 'brand new' lawnmower was just £12, a steal from Ebay.

In the process of cutting the grass under my own steam, I've  been a proper good Samaritan and  saved a life too!  Who knows what would have happened to this little fella if I'd used a turbo strimmer? It doesn't bear thinking about.   Instead he was uncovered by gently rotating blades.   At first  I wasn't sure if I'd come across a real dead animal or, Eugh!  even worse, an unwrapped tampon. You can imagine this rather grubby creature was picked up very gingerly as a consequence.  However, with the aid of a dob of washing up liquid this little raccoon's true cuteness has been revealed again.  He's washed and scrubbed up nicely all ready for life on the finger of  his new small boy owner!


  1. We have a manual lawnmower which was passed on to us by my Dad when we bought our last house over 20 years ago.It's still going strong and J favours that over the electric mowers - both of which were also passed on to us!

  2. When I saw your picture - I thought you were living in the shadow of the pyramids !!