Monday, 26 March 2012

Not Another Pay Increase!

Jerome van Oostrom @

We're coming up to the season where the public sector are accustomed to receiving a pay rise but for the second year running our salaries have been frozen so that the government can claw back the money that their bank chummers have squandered.    But fear not my friends in the NHS, emergency services and local government.  All is not lost. For Lovelygrey has, for the third time, come up with some ideas that, by using a few  in combination, should yield a tidy sum.  However be warned! It'll be nowhere near the 'performance related' bonuses enjoyed by those in the financial sector.
  •  Bulk buy the small things in life that don't impinge on living space when stashed away.  Toothbrush heads for example.  I've just bought twelve on Ebay for less than £6 when compared to the current price for four at Boots of £11.  That's the special offer price mind.
  • Be selective about buying insurance products.  Home and contents - yes but product replacement and dental?  Maybe you'd be better off self insuring.  That's saving for a rainy day in old language.
  • Broken spectacles can be mended by yourself with a teeny screwdriver or by your optician for a few pounds if there's more complex repairs to be done.  Much cheaper than replacement spectacles.
  • And onto another type of glasses.  If you're a klutz buy budget glassware.  Don't waste your money on cut glass extravaganzas that you know are just going to meet a earth shattering end on the kitchen tiles.
  • I've mentioned before that its wise to shop seasonally for food.   However try to un-synch seasonal purchases with the festival occasion to which they relate.
  • Don't take kids/blokes shopping. Lou's list of essential for the new home included a  shiatsu massage chair and a cupcake decorating kit.
  • Take advantage of free trials but remember to cancel them before the due date.
  • Get in the habit of bartering - you won't always win but remember there's no harm in asking.
  • Don't pay for parking!
  • Buy things that are more expensive but last longer.  Except for white T shirts if you're a klutz or not the best at sorting out laundry.
  • Buy quality items things that are secondhand that are the same price as new cheap equivalents.  They'll be more pleasurable to use but are likely to last longer.
  • For a cheap kiddie treat let them go wild with a pound in a pound shop!...
  • ....or plan day trips that are free or benefit from special offers.  
  • Make sure that you're claiming all the benefits and allowances that you can and review this state of affair annually.  This is especially important if your income is decreasing in relative terms.
  • Buy collection only items on Ebay and arrange couriers yourself for some real bargain furniture and homeware deals.  My lovely wardrobe was one of these which was delivered by a driver that I arranged myself through sites like Shiply or Anyvan
  • Never a lender or borrower be?  Well not if you trust someone enough.   Lend or borrow money to/from a friend/relative and benefit from beneficial savings and borrowers rates agreed between yourselves.
  • Persuade friends to contribute towards a buffet rather than eating out.
  • Use that freezer space to store those best before bargains.
  • Be travel savvy. Book your own itineraries rather than using a package to save +++
  • Get in the habit of switching savvies and utilities.  After all saving a few pounds here and there several times over equates to a pay rise of a percentage point or more!

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