Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thought for the Day: Contemplating Tails

The office gang and I like to think we're still young but who are we trying to kid?  The majority of us are in our forties and fifties with a couple of sextuagenerians thrown in for good measure.  As we're all pretty vain there's a general pervasive belief that we look fairly good for our years.  But the signs of ageing are creeping up.  Most of us like an early night with cocoa, slippers and all that jazz.  Our attitudes towards the habits of the 'yoof' of the day too are starting to put us firmly in the class of old fogies.

For example, we're rather astounded by all the fussing and grooming that goes on, especially down in Generation Y's nether regions.  Now in my day a daily lick and a polish with a soapy flannel was all that was involved in keeping our lady gardens in tip top shade supplemented with a bit of bikini line trimming for those of us waterbabes out there.  Now though there's apparently a plethora of adornments that can be had.  Jewellery, couture short, plastic surgery and curly hair design and yes, even multicoloured  stick on wigs or merkins for those who fancy a change from going completely bare. Or who are a bit cold maybe?   Falsely we believed that all this pubic preening was the preserve of just the minority.   However Posh Friend's midwife friend has advised her that it's rare to come across a 'growler' these days!

But I've gone waaaay off track from today's subject,  a hypothetical look at style and one for you to ponder over a little.  If human's had a tail would clothing have, a) a slit so the tail could swing bareskinned or b), a tube of fabric to hide our extra appendage and keep it warm and toastie.  Then again it might be that us 'oldies' would swathe us in tweed whilst the adventurous young things out there would wear theirs naked and proud with just the odd tattoo or piece of body art to demonstrate their cool uniqueness.

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