Friday, 30 March 2012

Honcho Poncho

The wacky Austrian embroidered cardie that I bought in the autumn has become such a favourite and gets so many compliments every time that I wear it, even from complete strangers in the street.  So I thought I'd go back on  Ebay and search for more vintage knitwear to  tide me colourfully  and originally through several springs/summers to come.  This is what I found that met the bill, which, to my delight, arrived yesterday.

I'm thinking of passing this gorgeous hooded poncho off as one I've make myself - a small-ish white lie to compensate for my woeful lack of crocheting and knitting skills which I blame on being left handed.  This is so reminiscent of those granny blankets made out of scrap wool that I've long coveted and it'll be just the thing, man, to get me into a hippy-ish vibe when the festival season starts shortly.    I reckon too that I'll look wildly romantic wearing it to stay cosy when beachcombing  on windswept Breton beaches!


  1. That sure is a fine-lookin' garment!

  2. Just prepare the excuses ahead of time, for when people ask you to make them one!

  3. I love it, and the fact it's got a hood makes it even better.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  4. Stupid me ! I meant Happy Birthday for Sunday - hope you have a lovely day!