Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's Not My Telly You're After!

Well this is an interesting position to be in.  Here I am spending a quiet Saturday evening with a cuppa, watching an episode of SuperScrimpers via Channel 4 on Demand and waiting for the bailiffs to arrive at Lovelygrey Cottage.  Gulp!  So how did this diametrically opposed duo of activities come about?

Although my spending in the last few weeks might seem profligate at first sight you have to take into account that I’ve been setting up home virtually from scratch.  I’m bound to be forking out more than usual.   Once this initial splurge is over I’ve got a budget to stick to that doesn’t look too onerous at all.  But are the heavies coming round because I’ve stretched those purse strings and went one vintage wardrobe too far ?

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m not the spendthrift  that the debt collectors are after.   I'm a girl who likes a quiet life and being chased by my creditors is not the way I'd want to spend my life.  No, a previous resident seemed to have scarpered leaving a car crash of financial problems in her wake.   Perhaps she was  like the girl on the programme who spent £8,5000 on accessories last year.   Who knows.  Anyway  I’ve already warded off one company employed to recoup some funds and today I’ve just come home to a notice to say that goods are going to be seized this evening.

 Luckily a bit of Internet research shows that these boys are from a reputable company and should go away without taking my lovely new telly with them once they’ve established I’m not the person that they’re after.   This may account for the fact that the number of locks and chains on the front door are commensurate with those needed in Moss Side rather than a peaceful Devon village with a negligible crime problem.  Normally the Yale lock suffices.   But tonight I'll take no chances and before I hunker down, all those home security devices will be put to good use!


  1. Oh dear, I wouldn't like to be you, waiting in for someone else's bailiffs (although I did see off the bailiff's who were threatening my mum when she had Alzheimer's and had been being billed for NEXT DOOR's electricity!) Will you let us know how you got on?

  2. I hope you had an uneventful evening?