Monday, 12 March 2012

Woo Hoo - I'm Two!

I was going through old posts doing a bit of research last night and I suddenly realised that today is the second anniversary of when I started blogging.  So  I've awarded myself a little on-line pictorial celebration which includes a cake that one of those bling bling TV gypsies would sneer at due to its minuscule size.  I'd like there to be a Black and Decker workmate in one of the parcels too.

It was with trepidation that I started the project - to unleash the inner writer that I always knew that I had in me. In those early days I couldn't have imagined that I'd come up with 700+ topics to write about.  The first fifteen seemed monumental.  Recently I've ditched my initial aim of a daily post.  Occasionally events, dear boy, make that difficult and at other times - well there seem to be far more enjoyable or important things to do than sitting at a computer.

So what do I want to offer you for year three?  Lots more craft than of late,  tales of whacky travels both real and imagined, innovative thrifty ideas and giving a  little more exposure to the real Lovelygrey. Gulp!  I'm going to have to learn not to gurn when a lens comes my way and overcome my extreme camera shyness!


  1. Congrats on keeping going for two years. Yr 3 sounds good to me...

  2. Happy Birthday, and hope there are many more years to come.

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday lovelygreyday
    Happy Birthday to you !!

  4. Happy blogging birthday. Snding you a virtual celebratory card and hoping for a virtual slice of cake.
    You're always entertaining and I'll admit, the LC tag line makes me a bit biased towards your output.

  5. Congratulations, I raise a glass to you for year three!