Monday, 2 April 2012

Daffies and Dinky Dudes

You know when a tourist attraction is world class when its visitors include our friends from the Far East.   Take France for example.   We can wander around for  weeks in the motorhome without seeing an oriental face.  And then you arrive at Mont St Michel and ping!  It's as if half the Japanese nation are there on holiday with their impressive photographic equipment.

Anyway, these are no ordinary daffodils as they're growing in the grounds of Cardiff Castle, an internationally renowned destination based on the criterion above.   The Welsh capital city was first stop on Lovelygrey's UK Easter tour,  a birthday treat for both myself, the nipper who's reached the ripe old age of nine.  His mate Josh who was ten last week joined us with his parents on this leg of our trip and Mr Lovelygrey came along too.

Now castles are great places for boisterous kids.  If they become too much you can just lock them up!  Museums have come on a long way since my childhood when you were supposed to get your excitement out of marveling at a badly stuffed fox and the world's most prolific and dusty collection of  jam spoons or suchlike.  Today, they go out of their way to engage their younger audience.

And Saturday was no exception. For it was storytelling day at the castle.   In the keep, we heard Oscar Wilde's hauntingly beautiful 'Selfish Giant' and the story of 'Gawain and the Green Knight', a terrifying tale of beheadings, blood, gore and most frightening of all - snogging!  There was also a rather too enthusiastic gentleman demonstrating Tudor torture implements.  Great for young lads but not for the faint hearted like myself.  I had to nip off!

At £11 for adults and £8.50 for children,admission to the Castle is on the pricey side but there's quite a few buts.  We spent over four hours there and had to drag the boys away.   It's also given me load more material for a few extra posts so you'll probably all be sick of the place before I've finished.

There's plans too for a return quite soon that will be much cheaper. Once you've bought your tickets, a nice lady will take your photo and a few extra details and voila.  Like the SS Great Britain in Bristol, you're then entitled to free entry for the rest of the year.  Great British Cheese  Festival here we come!

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  1. Crikey, it wasn't like that when I lived in Wales, there was just a music room I think, in the 50s.