Monday, 9 April 2012

Duplicating Damien

Funnily enough there's a lot in the British press about Damien Hirst at the moment.  Could it possibly coincide with his exhibition at Tate Modern?!  I did briefly consider taking Louis there on our London trip last week.  Although there is no doubt he would have relished seeing sharks and cows in formaldehyde his attention span is on the teeny side.  Gallery visits with him tend to be of a whirlwind nature or have to involve a game which detracts from my viewing pleasure.  So, I'm saving my visit for a girlie outing in the summer when I'll   make use of a bargain rail fare and will be able to explore at a more leisurely adult pace.

Now when it comes to art I'm not a particularly deep thinker.  Someone started to talk to me last week about allegory within a particular painting and I got a bit lost.  After a bit of navel gazing on a wobbly stomach, (note to self: must follow one of those links about how to make your tummy flat!)  I decided that what I go for are pieces which have a strong visual impact that induce instant emotional responses.  Sod any hidden meaning that needs complicated explanations.

To reveal myself as even more of a philistine,   I'm also drawn to work that give me joy.  This can happen at different levels.  Sometimes a piece may evoke a bubbling undercurrent of happiness whereas another may induce undisguised belly laughs...whether the artist intended that or not.

It was with glee that, on Saturday,  I came across an article in that journalistic worrier of the elderly, The Daily Mail.   And yes, it was found at the home of Mama and Papa Lovelygrey purveying its particular brand of right leaning opinions, lurid crime stories and, health advice. Even if when they don't gel with my own values and belief, I love picking up any newspaper and normally find something that appeals .  The Sport,  for example, was much valued as lunchtime reading in one occupational therapy department that I worked in.  We had a collective giggle over the daily photo problem page where pouty women characters conducted most of their angst ridden conversations dressed  just in their undies.

So what was it in the Mail that took my fancy? Well, follow this link  and you too will be inspired to create your very own Damien knock offs at a fraction of the price tags on the original.  Sausage in a bottle anyone?

PS: All pictures today from Wikipedia.  Look there for how I should have acknowledged today's pictures in this post.   It's all a bit complicated.  However I hope the illustrations inspire you all on this wet Bank holiday to try out some spot and spin painting of your own!

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