Friday, 6 April 2012

It's Ruined!

Today, my Easter wanderings have taken me from the west of Great Britain to Norfolk in Eastern England.  And yup! it's another castle although the astute among you will notice that this one might not have the posh state rooms that I saw in Cardiff.  There isn't a roof in sight on the castle at the helpfully named Castle Acre  so any fancy decor would be ruined by the elements pretty darned quickly!

This evocative ruin was Louis' playground for a couple of day as it's the village where my brother Paul Bernard  Harris lives and works as an artist.  For a boy who likes playing hide and seek and collecting flint it was a dream come true.  The castle is in the hands of English Heritage and it's free to access.  The historic priory in the village is a paying attraction but you can have a butchers over the wall if you're skint or tight.

Now  I apologise to ye goode folke of Norfolke but I had negative preconceptions about your land which I thought was a barren flat wilderness.  However I eat my hat, although not my favourite that is trimmed with rickrack braid.  It is a lovely undulating land reminiscent of my beloved Brittany with gorgeous coastline, forests and lots of archaeology and historic sites.   Now I've discovered it I shall be returning again and again.

If you're tempted to visit, my brother's kind landlady runs a guesthouse/bunkhouse the Old Red Lion which comes highly recommended by no less than both the Guardian and the Times.  And if you're around at the end of May or the beginning of June, pop in and see my lovely bro' as he's opening his home as part of the Norfolk Open Studios project.

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