Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rat on a Mission

I have to come clean.  The last couple of months have been a bit lacking on the bloggy inspiration front.  It's just been a case of getting my head down and sorting out my new life, a bit immune to the cues around me.

Being away on holiday has allowed me to look around again.  One of the things that I sometimes do is take pictures and then come away and do a bit of research. Often notices  and information boards grab my fancy and I ignore the strange looks I get when I take photos of text.   The images though are often a godsend in terms of jogging my memory about things that have fleetingly captured my imagination.  Looking through my Picassa album from Cardiff Castle has reminded me that I wanted to find out more about Blossom the Hero Rat, whose mug stared out from a poster in the Frontline Museum, an exhibit about the Welsh Soldier.

I am so glad that I did some follow up because Blossom has inspired me to spend money from the rather full coffers of my Charities Aid Foundation account to support  the extremely valuable work carried out by her and her colleagues  in exchange for mere morsels of food.  As least I will do when I've set my username and password on their website.  For some reason I always get in a pickle when accessing this website.

Anyway, back to Blossom.  She's heroic because after undergoing nine months of training she now uses her exceptional powers of smell to detect mines without harm to herself.   And she has other ratty friends too who've taken different career paths.  Some of them can 'test' sputum samples for TB, performing as many tests in seven minutes as it takes a lab technician a day to do.  Go rat go!

If this type of project floats your boat and is the type of cause you'd like to support check out APOPO's website where you'll find all the bumf including how to give.  Who knows.  Could the brave antics of these little bald tailed, scratchy, pointy nosed creatures be just enough to cure some of you out there of your serious rodent phobias?

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  1. I don't have a rodent phobia, I love the little creatures, in their place. But what the rats are doing is truly amazing.