Thursday, 12 April 2012


Now some people that I come across  are horrified that I write a blog and think I tell complete strangers around the world about every detail of my life. They're wrong though.  There's a lot of personal stuff about me, my family and friends that you lot don't get to hear about and I'd never dream of disclosing.  Being an uptight child of the sixties, I'm not of the opinion that I should kiss and tell all as seems to be the want of a lot of people today.   I might feel comfortable about sharing, say, if  I had a spot on my bum, but lots of personal stuff stays safely and soundly secret.

However I will disclose the fact that all sorts of events have taken a cumulative toll recently and I've had a couple of days rest from writing because I'm completely whacked out as a consequence. Instead of rushing around I'm trying to relax and do as little as possible outside work except some restorative telly watching.  Normal blue arsed fly mode will be resumed shortly!

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