Sunday, 15 April 2012


I am many things to many people - mum, mate, that mad occupational therapist in the mental health team,  pro-grey hair activist, wannabe writer and jeweller to the stars(!), wheeler dealer,  craftster, competent cook, voracious forager and festival going party animal. You'll being getting the gist now that I am truly a multi-faceted human being. Today I'm adding another string to my bow.  For behold,  I am now Lovelygrey the fledging art detective!

A few weeks ago I spotted this painting in the recently revamped  RSPCA charity shop in Totnes.  I'd like to believe that I am a ruthless bargain hunter who wrestled it out of the hands of the elderly gentleman in a wheelchair who was also buying paintings in the shop.  But alas I lie. For I am a much more gentle soul and our encounter was much more chivalrous.  I spotted it first and he congratulated sportingly on my find whilst I inwardly coveted the watercolour that he'd claimed as his own prize.  My own picture is signed 'J A Currie' and it's marked on the back that it depicts Girvan Boatyard in Ayrshire and was painted in  1980.  It's wonderfully intricate, appeals to my combined love of industrial landscapes and the sea and was produced by someone skilled at their craft.  If you click on the image and enlarge it you may be able to admire all those amazing brushstrokes yourself.

'Blimey' I thought after I quickly tracked down Judith Currie, an artist who paints Scottish landscapes. 'This art research stuff is a breeze!'  But alas, my job was not so easy after all.  She's kindly replied to my query about whether this is one of her works and she's not a lady who's been hanging around with her easel and pallette in this particular boatyard.   Okay, I had my doubts as her style and subject matter is different but people move on artistically don't they?

So my sleuthing has to continue!  Meanwhile I'm also on the hunt for a gorgeous  frame that will do my bargain find justice.  Maybe the carboot sale that Louis and I are off to after my morning cuppa will reap rich bounty.

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  1. Love the picture- hope you managed to find a frame at the right price. I know Louis is an expert haggler!