Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Taking the Biscuit Tin

In reality I’m now in Essex at the abode of Mama and Papa Lovelygrey.  However, virtually I haven’t left Wales and yes, I’m still milking our visit to Cardiff Castle as a blogging resource.  There's still a couple more posts to go! 

Today, I’m in the gift shop where, as you would expect from a world class tourist attraction, the locked  cabinets contained beautifully crafted, shiny covetable things.  Quite rightly pieces from people working in Wales are showcased there. There was lovely Welsh gold for those feeling flush but  Kate Hamilton Hunter's jewellery caught my eye.  At first sight it seems that her work demonstrates the skill of a very adept enameller indeed. However I was wrong.  Her expertise lies in the area of upcycling.  For these lovely fripperies have breathed new and useful life into dinky pieces of metal that have been  cut from old biscuit, sweet and tobacco tins, some of which have been mounted onto silver like this gorgeous disc necklace.

This lady isn't just running a hobby business either.   A look around her website provides inspiration and hope to everyone, like me, who dreams one day of making a proper living from their handcrafted wares.  She employs a whole army of people and has stockists aplenty around the United Kingdom.  So, if you're taken by her work you should be able to find somewhere near you where you can see it in the flesh.  Of course, she's also given me the idea of producing my own work as a homage to her once my new home is straightened up.   After all I've been toying with the idea of using a bit of scrap metal as silver prices are forever surging higher.  I'm thinking of spurning true vintage though and using my tin snips on empties from the grocery store.  Tate and Lyle lion earrings anyone? Or how about something zingy made from a Colman's mustard tin?

Even though I've subconsciously made a resolution not to succumb to buying any house cluttering souvenir's of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, clever Kate may have tempted me to put some pennies towards a small patriotic memento.   After all, it would only take up a little bit of space in my jewellery box and it's much nicer than a mug!


  1. Such lovely pieces - I am so very tempted by the bracelet of tin discs...Have a lovely time with your parents!x

  2. Or, you could wear it and it would take up no space at all. It is very pretty and patriotic.

    Good luck with it if you do go ahead.

  3. I realise this post is over a year old, but just stumbled across it, THANKS for saying such lovely things about my jewellery and my business! Kate x