Monday, 16 April 2012

You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog

Occasionally someone comes along who know is going to have a significant impact on your life.  Let me introduce my latest acquaintance who has the potential, I believe, to be a close friend throughout his doggie lifetime.  Behold the rather embarrassingly named Elvis.  Okay you might think that's rather cool  for a mutt, but try shouting it across a field  when trying to coax an excited canine back within grabbing distance and see how much of a pillock you feel!

This gorgeously butch rescue hound,, half Staff and half Jack Russell is the new resident at the home of Abi, the mini Zoe Wannamaker and Louis' best mate.  Now some of you who've read my blog may think that I'm rather anti-pet but this is not so. I'm adamant that I don't want one myself because of the commitment that they involve and the associated costs but that's not too say I'm an animal hating, tail treading meanie.  In fact, I have a great big soft spot for other people's animals and I'm safe in the knowledge that I can enjoy their company without having to worry about the not inconsiderable costs of pet food and vets bills.

So what's special about this particular hound dog?   Well in spite of his terribly sad earlier years where he was kept nameless in a lock up garage lying in his own excrement (hence his yellow tail) this little chap is as friendly and as gentle as can be.  He's also smart and it only takes a bit of effort for him to get the gist of what he needs to do. Already he's  learned how to sit on command and  picked up how to clear a stile after just one set of prompts. The great thing is that this waggie tailed ball of niceness is just so willing to please.

Now his owners are not fitness fanatics. In fact they're going to find it hard to exercise Elvis as much as he would like.  So a  win-win situation can be established.  I can have all the fun of spending time which him but without the financial implications and the worrying  levels of responsibility associated with pet ownership.   And Elvis, well he'll get a good regular run around in the surrounding woodlands and have a couple of willing neighbours who'll always be on hand to provide him with loving 'respite' care when it's needed!

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  1. Are you ok lovely grey? I am missing your writing. Hope you are all right and you will be back here soon.