Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Yoo-hoo!  I'm back.  What a strange place those aliens took me to after they zapped me up just as I was about to put my recycling bin out for the dustmen.  They did weird experiments on me, fed me just a couple of pills a day and removed my belly button so that I wouldn't feel to out of place living amongst them. Thank goodness that they didn't go as far as diminishing my stature and turning me green.  Of course that's because they're from an advanced culture where equality, diversity and individualism is heartily embraced!

Okay,  I'm lying.  I wasn't abducted after all. It's just that with all the events and changes that the last few months have brought I got a bit overwhelmed.   Well rather a lot overwhelmed actually.   There's a new way of life that I've planned  but I was way off working towards it because of having too much extraneous  stuff to sort out on top of my everyday run of the mill chores.

So I decided that, in order to crack on, I had to forego some of the things that I normally do and get myself straight. With lots of effort and no telly, reading or blogging for a while.  It's been worthwhile as  I've made significant inroads into dealing with all the problems that, inevitably, major life events bring.  Boy! I've had a lot of those over the last twelve months.  Slowly, slowly a new normality is returning.  I've got a tidy house, I'm adjusting to living on a new budget and I'm adjusting to the challenges that my new job role has brought.  I'm looking forward to one day, not too far, in the dim distant future where nothing comes out of the blue and everything just ticks along nicely.

And so to bed.  There's far too much navel gazing going on - especially from someone who's been left umbilicus-less from their recent travels!


  1. I wondered where you'd gone. Welcome back.

  2. I wondered too. Things will get to be the way you want them, eventually. Be prepared to put up with a few road-blocks though. Chin up!