Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Any Volunteers?

Has Louis spent all his savings on snacks?  In his dreams!  It's school disco time and I've been assigned the job of buying all the goodies that will ensure that when parents come to collect their little darlings, they will instead be handed back hyperactive sugar crazed monsters.  Still, it's all in a good cause.  There's an I.T. suite that needs a serious upgrade.  I have it on good authority that it takes millions and millions of years for the near redundant PCs to power up!

So, I thought my informant would like to be involved in choosing all those sweets and crisps.  Like Mama Lovelygrey before me, I'm getting stuck into giving time to the school and the Scout group, in spite of being a full-time working mum.  I'm hoping that getting my son involved in helping out early on in his life will set an inter-generational example.  Showing him that he can have fun mucking in hopefully will set the wheels in motion for a lifetime ahead where giving time voluntarily plays a part.

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