Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Big Fat Self Congratulatory Back Pat!

Confirmation that Louis has a Specific Learning Difference has got me wondering.  Do I fall under this umbrella too?  Certainly the thoughts occurred to other people as well.  My klutz-like tendencies are legendary.   Thank goodness I gave up the idea that I had during my teenage years of becoming a dentist!  And then there's those other difficulties I have with paying attention, finishing things, pressured thought.  It's all making sense although I don't think I'll be seeking a formal diagnosis

When I achieve anything that involves motor skills I'm especially chuffed.  And today I am ecstatic.  For  I plucked up the courage and, for the first time, I drove that great big piece of hunking  metal that is my beloved motorhome.  AND I didn't crash it. So, here's a shot of a happy me on my Porta Potty that was taken a couple of years ago to celebrate.

Today's journey was just a practice run for the weekend when I'll be  hurtling down the A38 and spending the weekend in Plymouth.   Over and out for now but prepare for reports of my adventures over the next couple of days.

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  1. Well done you! I can't find my way anywhere since I have a complete lack of sense of direction, so I admire your effort.