Monday, 21 May 2012

The Cosmos and The Soda Stream

I have chosen today's picture with extreme care so that it exudes symbolism.  The rocket, of course, alludes to the shape of the gas canister for a Soda Stream.  And all that other gubbins?  Well that's the cosmos - innit!

It's perfectly understandable if you feel that I've lost you.  After all, the overactive brain taking shelter under my skull bone periodically  leaves me confused  myself.  So, before you become entirely befuddled,  let me explain.

My efforts to furnish and equip my new home whilst achieving a balance between cost and quality have been, in the main, extremely satisfactory.   Aside, that is, the dog of a gas cooker with a badly mended oven door and two working rings that was supposed to be a state of the art combi oven.  But hey, we live and learn.  In the main, rummaging around Ebay, charity shops, car boot sales and my first ever jumble sale has resulted in furniture and decorative finds that I'll treasure for the rest of my life.  I've sourced a plethora of high end appliances and equipment secondhand at a fraction of their retail price. It's making me wonder why people go to normal shops in the first place when you can buy a dirty great cast iron wok with a lid for three pounds and a retro blender for just a quid.

I may have come unstuck with my latest purchase though - a Soda Stream bought for the seemingly reasonable price of eighteen pounds including postage.  This compares well to its cheapest new equivalent which retails at about fifty pounds.  Make no bones about it, this isn't the cheapest way of acquiring fizzy water to add pzazz to my homemade cordials.  However those reusable bottles that come with the machine mean that I'm not going to   be sending whole swathes of plastic bottle to landfill. For the sake of planet earth, the dolphins, fluffy bunnies etc.  I'm happy to stomach the extra costs.

It seems though that my money saving has been confounded. Apparently Soda Stream's manufacturers got irked by the cost of making and shipping the old steel gas canisters so they've replaced them with new larger lightweight ones made out of aluminium.  Is there an adaptor that allows me to use the new cylinders in my old style gadget?  Is there heck!  My  machine will soon be  rendered redundant as refills will no longer be unavailable when current supplies run out.  Of course the company think that they've got me by the short and curlies and are rubbing their hands at the thought of me submitting and buying a new machine.  But ha!  I have a different  solution.

I'm calling on a higher power and cosmic ordering  those redundant gas bottles! It's an idea that I got from my mate Naomi who told me that her fella had placed a request for a specific bit of plastic to mend his motorcycle cover.  Hey presto!  Three days later a piece of the stuff he needed was blown  by the wind and was wedged in a hedge in the garden.  Near the bike no less!  Now, the website explaining how this process works advises that the first request should be small.  Even asking for an everlasting supply of redundant gas canisters rather than a porsche seems a little too optimistic for this sceptic  So, to build up confidence I'm going really titchy and have settled for finding a replacement lid for one of the drink bottles that has already gone walkabouts before my first batch of Bottlegreen knock off has even been produced.  I'll let you know how I get on.  And in the future......who knows what I'll work up to asking for if my order is fulfilled?

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