Monday, 7 May 2012

Dyslexic Dichotomy

Here's a photo that makes this avid bookworm's heart sing with gusto.  La, la, la dee la laaa!  Supposedly people with dyslexia don't relish reading do they?  But how absolutely wrong can your assumptions  be.   Here's Louis pictured this evening, burying himself in  my latest Dandy find from the secondhand bookstall at Saltram House,  I took about forty photos of him engrossed in one of his beloved classic cartoon annuals. And he was so completely absorbed he didn't even notice my clicking camera and pull his usual self conscious grimaces.

Okay, an advanced understanding of  Desperate Dan and cow pie isn't necessarily going to equip a kid with  knowledge that will help them  to change the world in monumental fashion.   But maybe the enthusiasm he shows when I bring home a new comic book  will kickstart his own personal exploration of what can be found between other hard covers and paperbacks.  And who knows what exciting adventures that he might embark on as a consequence of being inspired by the writing of others?

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  1. He seems to have started to read for enjoyment so I doubt if that will fade. I hope he does continue to enjoy it.