Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jumelee Avec....

This is what greets me on my way into the office these days.  I've been meaning to stop and take my own photo but once in a queue of crawling traffic at rush hour I don't really fancy it.  So I've nicked this one from the 'This 'n' That' blog and in return I'll give them a mention.  Get on over their readers!

Now twinning towns,cities and villages seems like a great idea for generating international bonhommie.  My own village is partnered with the rather wonderfully named Brasparts  in Brittany, a name which evokes mental pictures of boob coverings and metal monkeys with their bits frozen off in equal measure. During our travels to France last October, Louis and I detoured there on our way back to the ferry and I had high hopes for our visit.  I'd imagined that our cheeks would be sore from being snogged three times by each inhabitant, that we'd be wined and dined by local dignitaries and receive invites to return there for free holidays in years to come.  The  reality?  Not a saucisson!  Not even a blooming sign on entering the town acknowledging our own parish.  I drove through what looked like an otherwise perfectly acceptable Breton town in disgust!

So  has the passion universally gone out of the twinning process?  It seems a shames as such wonderful links could be established with individuals and groups in those joined communities.  If a Braspartian out there chances on this post and feels inclined to reinstate the twinning sign, let me know.  There'll be a lovely cream tea waiting for you when you visit my lovely South Devon village.

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