Monday, 28 May 2012

Not a Sausage!

Mmm cured meat!  A type called lonzo that they make on Corsica out of pork fillet and herbs is one of the reasons that I'm no longer a vegetarian.  But today's post is not about food but another thing that's close to my heart - money!

Payday came and went and I had a little spending spree. After moving into my new pad I've been doing a bit more of that than usual.   There's bigger things to buy that are making a house a home and now after three months there is music! The Creative Bluetooth Speaker that arrived yesterday is a joy and courtesy of Spotify,  I spent a delightful evening yesterday in the company of Ian Dury, Jarvis Cocker and the like, without having a myriad of CDs cluttering up the place.

So what else is making me to part with my cash?  Well there's a new passport, tickets for next month's  Chagstock festival and some legs for my futon bed.  I'm too old to be scrabbling around in the middle of the night trying to heave myself up to go for a wee.  Then there's the small things.  My store cupboard is not quite up to scratch yet and I discovered that I had no baking powder or bicarb just at the moment when the fancy took me to make scones.  And where was a sink plunger when I needed one because my Jacuzzi bath resolutely stayed full of water?

But for four days in a row last week I didn't spend anything at all.  De nada or as the title puts it - Not a Sausage.  There was fuel in my tank, food in my fridge and things to do that didn't involve shopping. It's making me wonder if I can make those Buy Nothing Days, a weekly rather than an annual event?

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