Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ooh Betty!

My drive to Riverside Campsite yesterday was uneventful apart from getting lost twice within a few hundred metres of my final destination.  But no matter. This gave me valuable reversing practice.  However, after Red Mel and I arrived at the park, our evening became like an episode of 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em' minus the beret or a cat to do a woopsie in it.

Our attempt to hook up to mains electricity was fairly incident free with only minor hiccups involved with connecting.  But then we wanted gas and water and then the fun really started.

After pouring a beer and chopping an onion and bacon as the base for baked bean soup, my delicious but frugal camping staple, I lit the stove only to find the hiss of gas was absent. Frustration levels increased after I'd disconnected the cylinder and found that even though it still contained propane it was not releasing the goods.  So a bread and cheese supper followed....supplemented by a bit more beer, of course.

Time to wash the plates. Now the drama really started.  Even though the pump chuntered away merrily no water came out of the tap.  It was then I realised that the tank was empty.  So, more reversing practice to reach the service point and then back onto the pitch.  Turning on the boiler to heat up water resulted in an incessant thumping sound from the pump and an external inspection highlighted the fact that there was a torrent pouring out of an orifice in the van's undercarriage and steam was emanating from goodness knows where.  Oops!

So a bit more beer was needed for hydration and its warming properties.  And then voila!  The hob miraculously sprung to life,  But still no water or gas.  With all the messing about over a two hour period I hadn't managed to fill the chemical toilet.   And frankly I couldn't be arsed. So I admitted defeat and sloped off to bed.  But not before heading off to the amen ties block.  On the way back from my ablutions I slipped in mud and set back the healing of a poorly anterior cruciate ligament by a few months.

So a new day, a new dawn and a clear head. Miraculously everything fell into place. It's amazing what sleeping on problems can do.  And I've realised that making a right royal hash of something really reinforces learning.  Maybe my next trip away will be event free?


  1. So, you buggered up your leg again? Do rest.

  2. Crikey, what a catalogue of mishaps! Is it worth it to eat baked bean soup in a field, I find myself asking (sorry -- I'm just not a fan of any sort of camping after BAD experiences in Spain once. Just the once...)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. It's boring when everything goes right, ha ha. Good job you remembered the beer.