Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pink Pork?

Right today I'm going to be uncharacteristically serious.   Recently on 'The Great British Menu'  I sat up and took notice when one of the chefs stated that it was okay to eat your pork a bit pink these days.  That went right against everything I'd learnt in O-Level biology in the dim distant past.  I remember getting the heebie jeebies about tapeworms transmitted from eating raw or undercooked piggy that embedding their head into the intestine and  causing diarrhoea,vomiting, abdominal pain and malnutrition whilst their body segments fell off and could be found in your poo.  Surely modern rearing and food handling techniques have rid us of this nasty parasite.  And  could it get any worse?  The simple answers to these questions are no and yes respectively.

We've been stunned to hear that a  friend of ours, a barbecue fanatic,  has recently been hospitalised after an motor accident when he hit the central reservation due to having a massive seizure.  You've guessed it - the cause was Taenia Solium, the pork tapeworm, or its larvae to be precise.  They've caused cysts in his brain and thankfully he didn't die in the crash.  However treatment sounds like it's going to be a long drawn out procedure involving unpleasant drugs and possibly surgery.

So all you foodies out there take heed.  It's not clever to undercook pork even if it does seem that the potential is there to improve a dish's flavour.  Remember this type of  innovation is just plain dumb.   As for those considering tapeworm eggs in pill form as a dieting aid,  well perhaps there's little damage that can be done to a brain that's already beyond stupid.


  1. Now you know why I'm a veggie !!

  2. That is such a scary story! I hope that your friend recovers soon.