Thursday, 31 May 2012

Soup Anyone?

Today  I'm presenting  a veritable minestrone of unrelated bits and pieces.  None of these are enough to make a post on their own but. put together, I've cooked up a big metaphorical soup with a varied mishmash of ingredients.  Hope it tastes all right to you!
  • Good looks transcend the ages as this picture of a picture of Tudor lads that I took at Saltram House attests.  Or it are from the Stuart era?  Am I exposing my woeful lack of historical knowledge here?
  • If things are coming out the dishwasher grubbier than they go in, pop a bowl of that wonder stuff,  white vinegar, in the bottom of it and run a cycle.  You'll be left with a sparkling clean appliance and a kitchen that smells like fish and chips.
  • That neckline! The vintage style print! If I were a profligate sprendthrift I might buy this dress from Anthropologie. What a lovely shop.  No wonder American bloggers rave so much about it.  But I'm not make of money so I'll need to call upon the services of Mama Lovelygrey.  Please Mummy, make one for me!
  • I heard a Viz top tip on the radio yesterday that made me laugh out loud.   'Disguise the fact that you have taken anabolic steroids by running more slowly'.
  • Cosmic order number two has been delivered.  Mr Metrosexual's grill pan disappeared after he held a party.  Get this he accused ME of stealing it.  One plea to the universe and it's turned up again!
  • An enormous red rabbit has appeared near the House of Marbles.  I'll take a picture of it next time I pass to show you.  I have no idea what it means - if anything at all.
  • My heart sings when I look at my Statcounter map and find that I have had visitors from every continent aside from Antarctica.  It will skip more than a couple of beats when I get a penguin follower.
  • When I was in Cardiff a song by Emily and the Woods was playing on a big screen in the city centre.  I'm now a fan and have got very excited that they're playing at Chagstock.
  • Someone the other day told me that housemartins don't have legs.  That is utter tripe.
  • And finally......I have decided that from now on, I will only to write about what I have done rather than tell you all about half assed, incomplete and yes, even imaginary projects....for the moment at least!
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