Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stripping and Glamming Up

Have I been abducted by those little green men yet again?  Nah!  My feet have been firmly planted on the Devonian part of Planet Earth,  It's just that I'm still just busy playing catch up after a myriad of major life events and not getting  stressed out  by overburdening myself with delusional obligations - like blogging everyday.  After all, I'm supposed to be writing for fun.    But I passed a milestone this weekend that has caused me to believe that the 'new normal life' may just be back in sight.  And I'm so excited by this thought I had to perform the technological age's equivalent of putting pen to paper  So brace yourselves and prepare for the amazing news that I feel compelled to tap out on my computer....For  the first time in months I've actually finished a craft project!
On second thoughts I may only be halfway through for I have two of these seats to strip of yellowing varnish and re-cover in something a little more funky than grubby boucle plaid..  But it's a start and I'm really impressed with my makeover that has transformed this chair over to the chicer side of shabby.  What's more the revamp  has cost less than two whole English quid in materials and which takes into account the price of sandpaper and staples as well as this lovely retro floral fabric.

Like many of you out there I get immense pleasure from the whole process involved with making stuff  from choosing materials, beavering away and finally seeing the end product.  Creativity plays an important part in making me tick properly.  Let's hope it can again be a regular part of my everyday life within a short time again.


  1. That is a lovely facelift you have given that chair. Very pretty fabric!

  2. Drab to delightful! Looks like a good solid chair too(I was dusting our dining chairs at the weekend - a rare occurence - and noticed how rickety they are becoming!)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks fab!