Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When There's Time to Stop and Stare

A quick one tonight from my boudoir where finally, after a long PTA committee meeting where I ever so nearly lost the will to live, I'm ensconced under the duvet with my last cuppa of the day.  Bliss!

Anyway my mind has veered back to the weekend.  The slower pace meant that I could take in more of what was going on around me and from the motorhome window, I had time to observe the behaviour of this perky chap who came begging for food.   It reminded me that there's so much to discover about the world around us - if we just stay still and watch for a while.

Rather than gobbling down chunks of the noggin of my homemade bread (Lovelygrey family slang for the end of a loaf) this carrion crow gathered as much as possible in his beak, looked around to see that no other birds were watched and buried the bread under clumps of grass or stones.  He came back several times, and on each occasion used a different hiding place.   A little bit of research just now suggests that, unlike Lovelygrey,  the crow family have excellent memories and can easily find stuff  that they have stashed away earlier.  Maybe it might be worth training one as a pet to help me find my keys that mysteriously go missing each morning just as I'm about to leave the house!

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