Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wookie Wake Up

Do you like my  hunky new  hairy boyfriend?  Actually I ditched him very quickly after this photo was taken.  Alas, we were unsuited  as he made me look short and fat.  Come to think of it I am a little on the podgy side.  A year of major events have taken their toll.  Thoughtless eating, too little exercise and a little too many calorific tipples and voila!  A rotund Lovelygrey and a wardrobe full of clothes, 90% of which are unwearable.

Life now feels like less of a rollercoaster so it's definitely time to take stock.  With a knee operation in sight and the need for intensive physiotherapy afterwards a return to fitness is all the more important.  So look out for my healthful endeavours over the next few months, laced with a few inevitable trip ups!

1 comment:

  1. Yes he is a little hirsute for my tastes too! I am much better on dodgems than on Roller coasters.

    The clothes thing is very annoying! I too have many a bundle that are resigned to recycling, giving away to thinner older sister, neice, charity shops!
    Sympth and Empths!