Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Abigail's Fondue Party

Here's a great alternative to a  barbecue if there' just s a few of you to feed and you can spare a glass or so  for cooking with.  Now I understand that this might be difficult for some and if you can't bear the thought of burning alcohol off in the culinary process the fondue is not for you.  But the trade off is a quick and tasty retro meal in minutes which I'm sure that Abigail's dour besuited, bespectacled 1970s friends would have relished.

1.  Go charity shopping and find a discarded fondue set.  They're quite plentiful.  Mine fits the bill nicely and represented an investment of just four whole pounds.

2. Think of things that you'd like to dip into a cheesy sauce and buy them along with a bulb of garlic, a shedload of punchy cheese, a lemon and a white wine box so you don't feel cheated when it comes to divvying up the booze. Ideas include cured meats, more cheese, bread, veg and crispy dippy things. Oh and you'll need some of that  purple methylated spirits stuff as well.

3. Chop and slice your dippy bits and pieces whilst having a chef's tipple from the wine box.  Don't mistake the meths bottle for this.

4. Rub a couple of cloves of peeled garlic around the pot - the inside that is.  Then fill  the burner with the meths  and  reluctantly add a generous (sorry!) glassful of wine and the juice of half a lemon to a pan.  Warm through and then add 400g of knock your socks off cheese.  Let it melt and season to taste.


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