Friday, 29 June 2012


Events dear boy, events meant that bad habits have set in.  Over consumption of comfort food , wine and too much slobbing around has  left me more than a little lardy with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that don't fit.  But sensible measures have been yielding results.  Through healthier eating, cutting the booze, a bit of exercise  and a few other strategies that I've described in a previous post I can now get into my jeans again.  Okay there's a muffin top hanging over the belt line but it's a start.  Nine pounds lost over as many weeks.  Or so I thought.

Then my bathroom scales were moved.  Okay, I knew that sitting them on a carpet yielded inaccurate results but this was ridiculous.  Depending on where I put them I weighed staggeringly different amounts and the worst case scenario?  A gain of a hefty twelve pounds!  They had to be wrong so I popped out and bought a new set - this time with some natty little feet so that they work properly on soft flooring.

And guess what?  With my old scales in the bedroom on the laminate floor and the new ones in the bathroom  they're showing exactly the same reading.  Bah!  I weigh a staggering.....ahem!  Too embarrassed to tell you all what the real reading is but it's way, way too much.

As consolation and to reward myself for my efforts so far there's some new slippers arriving in the post along with Gok Cooks Chinese, the spin-off  book from Mr Wan's TV series.  This guy isn't just a funny fashionista.  He is a dab hand in the kitchen and his recipes look healthy, quick and mouth wateringly delicious - just the type of food I'll be needing to meet my target weight of 'ahem! minus thirty five pounds'.  Slowly and surely is the key.  I've set myself a target of one pound to lose a week so it'll be the end of February 2013 before I get there!

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  1. Very sensible to set your self a long term goal. Much more chance of it staying off. Now, if only I could do the same?