Tuesday, 12 June 2012

...And Where the Scrimping Starts Again!

I didn't expect to be so quick off the mark with a sequel to yesterday's anti-scrimping post but those cogs in my noggin have been working overtime.  So here's the antidote to all that extra outlay that I suggested yesterday - my  non comprehensive list of stuff where it's okay, in spending terms to go low.   Starting with....

  • White T-Shirts:  This is no ordinary garment.  It's the Hazleton, a jersey number by The Row which is yours from, that doyen of  designer websites,  netaporter.com.  A cool snip at £190 for the perfect T, which is described as incredibly soft and a 'triumph'.  Lovely as it is, its expensive sublimity would be spoilt by the indelible soup stain or suchlike that it would acquire within a week, nay days, of arriving in the Lovelygrey household.  I like a bit of quality when it comes to buying clothing but this wardrobe staple just has to come cheap enough for it to be  transformed   into a duster without too much angst after those inevitable splatters render it unwearable.
  • Cleaning Products:  Non branded please!  After all I'm not going to be displaying my designer Domestos with pride!
  • Over the Counter Medication:  Ditto the Neurofen when  ibuprofen can be bought at a fraction of the cost.  Remember to ask if there is a generic equivalent when buying named drugs at the pharmacy.  You'll get the same active chemicals if there is at a fraction of the cost.
  • Crisps:  Value lines of ready salted taste just as good, if not better, as those from the big names in the snacking industry.  Trust me, I'm a therapist.  Oh and PS:  Sorry Gary Lineker.
  • Pant Liners:  And, for that matter, any other product that is placed in the immediate vicinity of the female jubblies.  The more expensive version come with all sorts of additives like scent and deoderants.  Now in such a sensitive area those extras don't seem healthy to me.
  • Print Cartridges:  Okay the recycled versions don't last quite as long as the genuine branded article but they're around a third of the price which more than compensates for the slight inconvenience of more frequent toner changes.
  • Teaspoons:  These blighters go missing so there's no point in splurging on expensive designer cutlery!  Mostly they get lost when farmed out in kiddie lunchboxes but there's other occasions too where they seem to disappear inexplicably without trace.  It makes me suspect that the Borrowers are at work.  
  • Bubble Bath:  You can get cheap ones that smell perfectly acceptable.  Enough said.
  • Butter:  Here I stumble. I am a sucker for lovely Breton spread encrusted with seasalt but the cheapest available is, in truth, perfectly acceptable for baking, cooking and everyday use.
  • Household staples:  Come to think of it, you'd have to have an extraordinarily discerning palate to notice the difference in taste when using any of those expensive artisan store cupboard ingredients over those that are as cheap as chips.  Flour,dried pasta, tinned tomatoes and the like can all be had for a pittance and I don't incur many culinary disasters as a consequence.
Could all this penny pinching mean that I could fly Club Class after all?  Mmm, I'm not so sure.  But they probably add up to the cost of at least one cut price ferry crossing to France.  And in my mind that's not at all bad!

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  1. I've just eaten a packet of Sainsbury's Basics ready salted crisps - they are my favourites! I like the taste, and the fact that the pack is smaller at just 18g.I mostly buy own brand stuff - even the 'Marmite' and I can't even begin to imagine spending £190 on one t shirt!