Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Bit of Science

Now frittata is one of my favourite motorhome staples.  I nearly always start with frying an onion and chopping a couple of potatoes.   After that I get creative within reason. No two offerings are alike.  This weekend's version included a bit of bacon, sliced baby courgettes and carrots and some sausage that needed using up.  Once the melange looks cooked (bearing in mind my tapeworm advice of course!)  it's time to add seasoned beaten eggs and then wait until its bottom is cooked.

Then we come to the part that is often tricky - turning the darned thing over to cook the other side.  About a quarter of the time this manoeuvre passes without incident but in the main there's a heart stopping moment.  On this occasion Red Mel and I came truly unstuck -or rather stuck.  Well, we weren't but our supper was. It became encased in a ceramic and metal cocoon.  As Mel  is very effectively demonstrating here.
 Here the explanation in the form of an exercise that will remind you of your GCSE physics from long ago.  Or GCE O-level if you're as old as me.  The pan contracted as it cooled off the burner whilst the plate used in the turning process?  Well that  warmed up because off its close proximity to the metal and a perfectly cooked frittata and  hence it expanded to make a very effective seal.

With  our tummies rumbling we came up with a solution.  Again our rusty scientific knowledge came into play.   We poured boiling water over the pan to make it expand again and used a bit of brute force and ignorance too.  Splat!  Our meal fell onto the grass outside the van.  I'd have liked to have got a shot of it there.  The colour contrast was quite effective.  But we had to work fast to plate  before Louis saw what had happened and refused to eat it.  The maxim 'A little dirt never hurt anyone' doesn't ring true with him.  Anyone else for hay infused scramble?

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  1. With all the eggs our chickens provide, we eat quite a lot of frittatas and the like - and like yours, they're always George's Marvellous Medicine meals -- never the same ingredients twice.

    I do like your smart application of science - it reminded me of this t-shirt ;) I always just to cook the top bit under the grill though rather than risk dropping it. I suspect the grass outside your van is cleaner than our kitchen floor right now.

    Hope Louis didn't spot too much hay and/or believed it to be a new dried form of lemongrass or the like :)